attention hunters:

I need whitetail capes. If you harvest a whitetail buck 2 1/2 years old or older and only want a horn mount or a skull mount, I will take $20 off of the price if you skin out the head just like you would if you were going to have it mounted and put on ice the head and cape and bring it to me. Even if you just plan on cutting off the horns and putting them in the garage bring me the head and cape and I will take $20 off of your next Taxidermy job.

NOTE: The hide has to be in quality shape to receive the $20 off. If you follow the instructions on the Care Instruction page that will insure the hide reaches me in quality shape. Please remember that all Taxidermists are used to working with dead animals but if the animal smells bad to you it smells bad to us also.

An overly smelly shop does not reflect a quality establishment so please ice down all animals that you plan to take to any Taxidermist. Tanning of large animal hides is done according to the amount of space I have at the time.
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